Work with Me

Functional Pilates Session

A session focused on improving your range of motion, flexibility, and overall strength. This personalized workout combines Pilates, and functional movements to strengthen and energize your body.

desk yoga

Meditation & Breathwork

I will teach you practices you can use on your own and you will leave the session feeling calm and at peace, and with a deeper awareness of thyself.

Complete Transformation

A customized program that includes movement, meditation, and wellness to support you on your path towards radical healing and transformation.

Mentorship Program

The main purpose of this program is to equip instructors with the tools needed to provide the best workout & experience for their clients while also remaining true to themselves.

Customized Nutrition

My philosophy is that nutrition should be customized, individualized, and targeted to each person.I will genuinely take the time to understand your body and lifestyle to create the best plan for you.


I offer different workshops to deal with all aspects of body pain and injury, restore & revive the body and for anyone struggling with creating a routine, losing weight, struggling with fatigue, brain fog or insomnia.

I have extensive experience with a plethora of therapies and practitioners/therapists, Erica is something special. I was born with cerebral palsy and doctors doubted that I would ever walk. Thankfully, they missed the mark. I was a captain of my high school football team and have completed multiple 5k races. In 2018, I had an unexpected exploratory laparotomy during which my pancreas was cut and I went from a healthy 180 lbs down to 135 lbs while being bedridden in ICU for over a month. I am currently reteaching myself how to walk without crutches as I had grown accustomed to before the surgery. This round of rehab has been daunting and at times has caused me to feel sorry for myself in a way that I had never felt before, but it also has taught me a lot about my body that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Erica’s life long experience with Scoliosis in addition to her additional back injuries seems to have given her the ability to empathize on a level that no one else has in my experience. Working with someone who seems to know what you are up against has always led to better results in all aspects of my life, and rehabilitation is usually lacking on this front. Erica employs knowledge, drive, and creativity almost effortlessly and she is truly an asset to my recovery and a joy to work with.


I met Erica while taking her Pilates class in Bali.  We got to chatting after class and I instantly noticed her enthusiasm and passion for helping others by sharing her knowledge and experience in health and wellness.  She shared with me some of her history in injury and I was immediately drawn to her. Learning by textbook is one thing, but learning by experience is another. I was also drawn by her organic approach to exercise by listening to the body and what it needs, not pushing and pushing to get the aesthetic results….which is what I was so used to doing prior to working with her. During our sessions, I found her to be intuitive, present and knowledgeable and I loved the way she let the conversation flow to where it needed to go.  I always left our meeting’s learning MUCH more than I anticipated I would and with a new found enthusiasm for my OWN health and skills to get the ball rolling. She completely customized a health program for me that focused on the root of my concerns and I felt supported and balanced as I began this new journey. I have seen many health and wellness coaches and I genuinely find Erica to be one of the best.


Let's Work Together

I believe in balancing the body – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Through my research into injury rehabilitation and psychology, I realized my passion for studying human anatomy and my continuing desire to deepen my understanding of the emotional trauma that stems from life-changing injuries and health struggles.