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I'm Erica

I’m a forever student and believe in western and eastern modalities. My mission in life is to combine both worlds and to support the role of healing physically, spiritually, and emotionally for all of my clients. 

I have experienced several physical injuries with resulting emotional trauma in my life, and I want to use my story and help others through their experiences.

My journey began as a young child with many health issues that no one could explain. From stomach pain to chronic infections, cystic acne, and severe allergies and then just repeatedly being given antibiotics to “cure”. I was also diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 11 and had physical pain and further issues stemming from my spine. 

In addition to physical pain, this came alongside mental and emotional challenges as well. While I was interested in holistic health and pilates and yoga, it wasn’t till my early twenties that I decided to explore this route further.

The past ten years have been a growing journey for me as I experienced more injuries and autoimmune diagnoses than most people experience in their entire life.

I dislocated my shoulder AND tore a rotator cuff, had a gnarly freaky knee injury, and my worst injury was fracturing my spine. I went from being a healthy, mobile individual to someone that could barely get out of bed, and some days, walking was even too much for me. I was told I needed surgery to “fix” my spine or I would be facing a life of pain and limitations. While surgery can be beneficial and necessary in many cases, I was not ready for that solution and was convinced I could heal this without an operation. 

While surgery can be beneficial and necessary in many cases, I was not ready for that solution and was convinced I could heal this without an operation.  Instead, I spent the next few years rehabbing my body through Pilates, yoga, and physical therapy while researching and attending any injury specialization, anatomy course, and trauma seminars I could find.

Although I soon learned that just physically “fixing” my body would not return me to the life, I had previously enjoyed. I discovered that it was equally important for me to understand the emotional impact of my injuries and the anger and frustrations with my body’s limitations. Because by harboring this emotional trauma, I caused my internal body to deteriorate which further exacerbated the autoimmune and health problems I already had.

For me, it is using the pain and anger from an injury and transforming it into a deeper understanding of the wonders and limitations of the body. I believe life is meant to be simple. To look for joy in everyday moments, celebrate the small victories, and never take things too seriously. 

I am beyond grateful that I get to do this work every day and help, and inspire, others through my healing journey. I hope to pass on the lessons that helped me reach my healthy state today and continue learning from those around me. 

Thank you for being here with me.


Let's Work Together

I believe in balancing the body – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Through my research into injury rehabilitation and psychology, I realized my passion for studying human anatomy and my continuing desire to deepen my understanding of the emotional trauma that stems from life-changing injuries and health struggles.