International Traveling Instructor

As an enthusiastic traveler, I have been exploring different corners of the world since 2016, working at various studios across more than 10 countries. I embrace any opportunity to embark on new adventures and share my expertise.

I’ve studied a variety of styles, and techniques and am skilled in teaching to all levels and environments. I have taught classes, workshops, and retreats all over the world, and am comfortable teaching in different cultural and linguistic environments. 

I’m known for my warm and welcoming presence, my ability to create a safe and supportive space for my students, and ability to adapt to the needs of my students. 

What I do:

I’m currently accepting opportunities ranging 1 week to one month depending on my availability. I’ve worked in Pilates & Yoga Studios, as well as physical therapy clinics. I’m comprehensively trained on all Pilates equipment and have experience with different brands and styles. Please contact to book.

Erica came and covered all my classes at my studio whilst I took a break. She was wonderful, extremely easy to work with, super professional and she jumped straight in. Made me feel really comfortable to leave everything and go away for a week. She ended up staying for 3 weeks so that I could extend my time off from teaching. I would highly recommend Erica and will be asking her to come back again soon!